Got Agent?

Some folks call me “the world’s oldest living teenager." That adventuresome spirit is how the relentless lure of the Lowcountry beckoned a born and bred city girl like me. The city, in my case, was our state capitol, Columbia. Columbia, like Beaufort, is a river city.  My love of kayaking I brought with me to Beaufort; a skill I learned on inland rivers. But I soon mastered riding the waves at Hunting Island and on Fripp Island in my 13" Necki Manitou. I also enjoy sketching and painting local scenes, as well as nearby anglers and their prize fish.  I believe that my artistic background shows in my listings.
I have 3 sons; Todd, Brandon and Ryan. Todd lives and works in Columbia. Brandon is a supervisor for Ryder Trucks Intl. near Boston. Ryan is a dedicated firefighter with the City of Beaufort. My husband of 30 years, Jim, is executive director of the Hampton Wildlife Fund, plus installs boat electronics to support his expensive fishing habits.
Along my path, I've made my way from an art degree into the restaurant business, then into real estate . . . where I've found my true career home, plus I'm now rekindling my interest in art. Call me . . . I'm Wendy Goller . . . and I want to be your agent! (843) 321-1103.

Offshore with friends.
Brandon and his girlfriend Sydne.

My big dolphin on spinning gear.
Ryan with his girlfriend Cansas.

Skimming across the waters of the ICW.
Jim with a redfish.